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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post

With all this information/examples I've witnessed, I decided to become a Diest. On paper I should be an atheist but I can't get myself to fully believe in their thought process. The nice thing about being a Diest is that we don't give a crap about recruiting people to our line of thinking. Also, we tend to coexist with other religions as long as they don't push their views uppon us.
There is no "atheist thought process". Nuggets, do you actively believe in any gods (not think there "could or might be")? If no, you lack a belief in god(s), therefore you would be an atheist, just like everyone was before they were indoctrinated into their particular flavor or religion.

That lack of belief in a god or gods, is the ONLY thing that links atheists as a "group". It is the only characteristic that you can say about an atheist. There are liberal atheists, conservative atheists, atheists that are anti-religion, atheists that are apathetic towards religion, etc.
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