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Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
i gotta buy a snowmobile trail permit for 2 sleds @$45 per.
i gotta put orv stickers on 3 jeeps @16.95 per.

why should you get to use trails free? each bike needs a trail permit.

dont like that, then ride on our tore up ass roads!
Originally Posted by Big_T_Roose View Post
They need to stay off the roads also. I have to pay to be able to drive on it with gas tax, insurance fees, and registration fees. So if people want to ride their bikes on the road they need to start bucking up just like the rest of us do in order to use the public roads.
You don't ride your snow mobile on the roads, or buy ORV stickers so you can ride on the roads. You pay to register for your plates to ride on the roads.

It's a Cyclists legal right to ride on the road. Most of which pay taxes for thier cars that they leave in thier driveway.

You can shove it if you think you own the roads in a motor vehicle.

That's not even the point though. It's the ridiculous nature of the bill that the OP was talking about.
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