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The problem I have with almost anything the government(both sides collectively) does these days is there is always some sort of smoke and mirrors, some sort of ulterior motive, some measure of feet being taken when an inch is given. Every god damn thing they do is so wordy and filled with so many loop holes and back doors that it basically gives whoever is in charge the power to do whatever the fukc they want, when they want.

The bigger problem is that too many people seem to have this 1950's view of how our country operates. Hell, it may not have been any better back then either, but at least it doesn't seem like there were so many blatant lies and cover ups.

The course we have been on for the past decade or so has shown me that any bit of indiscretion or power given to the administration of this country is a bad bad fucking idea and will ultimately have some sort of harsh consequences.

As far as the drone thing goes. Why in the fukc are we even considering that shit here? It has been shown time and time again over in durka durka land that we can't "strategically" take out a single target without blowing up damn near half a village and a few dozen civilians in the process.
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