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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
The way the question is asked makes for a black and white answer leading you to believe they would just shoot you.

I repeat, there was a shoot down order for flight #91 on 911 and it had innocent people on board. Would you rather that it be allowed to crash into the White House?
we know there was a shoot down order of flight 91. in that scenario its probably the best option. you shoot down 400 passengers to save thousands on the ground. i dont think an american plane can be used as a weapon anymore. every live passenger will attack the hijackers. they know they will die, and they know the intentions of the hijackers.

even if flight 91 was shot down. those passengers were not the targets. they were more like collateral damage, unintended casualties.

i think a plane that is hijacked by non-american terrorists is very different than an american (or even small group) on american soil.

we have the right to due process. we should have our day in court.
we should be able to see the evidence against us. we should be able to confront our accusers.
thats what makes america so great.

without this all is lost! it is the single most important right we have!

terrorists from saudi arabia have no right to due process in this country in my opinion. some people dont share my opinion.

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