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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
So I just did a little reading. You're correct in that some of the funding comes from MDOT, it also comes from Federal Grants, and Property taxes. A ton of it also came from Fred Meijer. (At least for some of the trail trails you are talking about).

So if I am taxed when I buy my gas, and taxed for owning my house, and taxed for whwatever fund the feds gave the money from, why in the world should i pay more tax?

So you don't pay to hunt on public lands, you just pay for the license required to harvest game in the state of michigan. Doesn't matter if you hunt on public or private land....much like a fishing license....

I am against most taxes, I feel between our income, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, etc. we are already taxed pretty highly. So I am not against this because I like to ride my bike, I am against it because it's basis is weak.

I buy a trail permit similar to an ORV or a snowmobiler. (State Park Passport as that is where most MTB Trails are).

Are you going to start taxing 5 year old kids for having bikes too?

*We're getting away from this politicians ridiculous argument though, he wants to tax the bicyclists emissions (Breathing). If that's the case we also need to tax the people who run on a treadmill that uses extra electricity AND causes more breathing, walkers, runners, mouth breathers, fat folks (remember they probably expel a lot more Co2 than the average person due to their hearts working so much harder), football players, high schoolers involved in athletics, rec league basketball players, rec league volleyball players, hockey players (imagine all the greenhouse gases used to keep those ice rinks frozen in the summer), cross country skiers, swimmers, etc.*
We are in agreement.............we are taxed too much, double and tripple taxes to boot. There is too much, "I deserve this because (name your excuse), therefore we will raise taxes so I get it free" attitude. Nothing is free, somebody will be paying for it.

Wait until our countries lenders pull in the marker on our deficit that is in the trillions. Our Kids are screwed, and its our fault for letting these politicians get away with it.
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