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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
No, because the drones people are talking about are not the ones from the science fiction spy movies roving the sky automatically and autonomously with the ability to "see something going down from 5000 feet" and launch a missile on it's own. The drones of reality are not much more that large remote controlled (as in controlled by a human remotely) aircraft with cameras and weapons. The decision to take action and fire will still be made by a human, presumably someone in law enforcement. So while it's a bigger gun with a longer reach, it is still a lawman with a gun.

So again, if the police see someone that they reasonably believe is about to commit murder, and could stop it by shooting, should they? Or should they wait until the murder has been committed and just arrest them? Is this any different?
I do understand that these drones are manned by a person remotely. What I don't understand is what kind of situation would arise that this type of weapon could be used against American citizens.
From the way I understand it is we are protected by the constitution.

Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Why would Aber or any of his family be worried about dying? Don't they want to go to Heaven? Maybe attack drones are just God's way of saying "Come on up ma bitches!".
Not worried about dying it is the fact that what they are suggestin is that if the need arises this is how they intend too take care of he problem.

Originally Posted by gmotox View Post
So in your Christian views, it is o.k. to kill people for crossing the border?
But you are worried about the expense?
Oh wait, you will just be forgiven
Just a bit of sarcasim
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