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81 inches of fun
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Originally Posted by XJToivo View Post
very cool! I see you have the official Jeep tool too, cool and good luck!
Sadly it was Bud Light, but it was free to me (G/F bought it) So I won't complain

Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
So is it sitting next to Burt Rynolds car??
T/A is in my dad's barn ready for spring, we re-built the motor in it last fall, spun it around the block a few times and the new cam woke it up a little but nothing outrageous.

I have comandeered the neighbors garage for this build since they don't use it, warms up nicely too with my bullet heater, and I only have to walk 50' to get to it 99GrandTJ and I have been working on it pretty much on weekends with the goal of taking it down the street By JAN 1st. (It won't have a windshield, paint, or wiring or twin sticks installed though. I am hoping to find a stock soft-top winshield frame with glass though as I cannot use the hard top windshield frame without the hard top.

Basically parts I don't have for it right now are:

Wiring Harness $112 + shipping
Spare tire bracket $20ish + shipping
Tires 34x9.5 TSL new $650ish
Paint $50ish
Lettering $40ish
Taillights $50ish
Guages $300
Brake M.C. $30ish

I am hoping to put it on the road by next August 1st, obviously not everything will be done (IE guages, tires likely)
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