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Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
i like my chances face to face with a local pd officer(or even fbi).
i can surrender, i can look him in the eye.
i can try to reason with a pd officer. i cant talk sense into a drone.
its a little too easy to push the "fire button" from 1000 miles away.

a "less than lethal" drone strike is probably an option.
never heard of one used that way though.
i hate the ideas of drones used on citizens.
i could live with them used in a non-lethal strike.

a drone wont give me "due process".
as an american citizen it is the most important right we have!
The way the question is asked makes for a black and white answer leading you to believe they would just shoot you.

I repeat, there was a shoot down order for flight #91 on 911 and it had innocent people on board. Would you rather that it be allowed to crash into the White House?
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