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Originally Posted by SS View Post


God has forsaken your spelling ability.
Thanks, I thought it looked odd as I spelled it out but was on my way out the door.
I'm thankful God has forgiven me because this is a tough crowd and don't think i'd get much here.

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I don't like Obama.
I don't like Holder.

But, the situation is twisted. The question was if there was ever an instance where we would use drones on our soil. The question, and Holder's response was purely hypothetical and used 911 as an instance of defending against terrorism.

To me, since it's purely hypothetical and we can't define all of the scenarios, and it was related to terrorism, I suppose there could be an instance where we would need to defend our country, within our country.
Defending our country is something that our government is required to do and I suppose how they do it is important. Are they expecting to fight and attack enemies on this soil as they have been doing in other countries?
Have our borders become so pourious that our enemies are here hiding in large numbers to warrent the use of drones?
I could see innocent people(americans) getting caught in the middle of this.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
If the police saw someone that they reasonable believed was about to commit murder, and could stop it by shooting, should they? Or should they wait until the murder has been committed and just arrest them? Is this any different?
So you are saying if the unmaned drone sees something going down from 5000 feet up to take action and fire a missle to take out the threat?
I also think due process comes into play for American citizens.
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