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Originally Posted by Easy_E View Post
There is liablity both ways. If some does CPR wrong and causes harm doing so they also can be sued. A friend that works the DOC said they can get sued either way.
A little thing known as the good samaritan law prevent that. As long as you do as taught. No redneck engineering needed.

Example if I am working as an EMT, I can be sued like you say. But, if I'm off duty and aid someone, I can't.
If I have CPR training and working as a clerk and someone drops, I can aid them, and it is covered under the Good Samaritan law.

Don't get me wrong. My lips do not touch dead lips, but you can adjust an airway, do compressions, and walk away when the cavalry arrives. But if you have had CPR training (who hasn't) you can do SOMETHING.

If you can walk away and look at yourself in the mirror, so be it.

I survived a witnessed full arrest. AED, CPR, load and go. Two days later I woke up in the hospital.
The shit works. Not everytime, but it worked for me.
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