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Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
1) I carry a pocket knife with me wherever I go. They come in REALLY handy, quite regularly. I consider it essential.

2) Why should they be banned to begin with. You're not going to be able to hold up a plane with a 2.36" knife. You may be able to inflict a little bit of damage, or even kill someone... but you're not gonna get a whole plane. It's not that difficult to subdue someone with a 2.36" blade without getting badly hurt yourself.Basically, this is a first step to removing some of the TSA idiocy that has been ongoing for many years. Just because it makes you feel more comfortable does not mean it's an effective security measure.
You are a moron...try and take a blade of just .5" from someone who is trained and you will find yourself on the floor in a pool of blood...knives are not a joking matter, nor are they harmless, in the right hands they can really fukc shit up and it happens in a blink on an eye. I have taken several knife defense courses and well as knife fighting courses and I don't even like the idea of coming up against someone armed with a knife. You are going to get cut, there is no way about it
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