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Default *SOLD*2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Lifted

Currently looking at a house with property forsale so I want to see what intrest my diesel may have. Bought it off here not too long ago.

orginal sales thread.
*SOLD* 2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 4x4 2500 QCSB BDS 6" long arm 37" BFG - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest

2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Extended cab short bed cummins. Just over 213,000 miles and runs awesome like it always has, very strong motor with Rotella oil inside. Power windows, locks and rear slider window. 5" BDS Long arm lift, 37" BFG KM2's on 17" mickey thompson rims, only about 5k on lift and tires, professionally installed by unlimited offroad center. Edge attitude programmer also professionally installed, I added a drawstraw V kit and a bigger Holly fuel pump which allows it now to be turned up to any level. Dana 60(non disco)/70 combo, open front, rear TIGHT limited slip. Was a commercial truck and hauled water tank in the bed, looks like it was sold to personal person at 198,000 miles according to carfax. Previous owner claimed not offroad ever, been offroad twice by me. Once for a fall color tour where we crept around the woods, the other time was Thanksgiving at the mounds, but not beat on and 30 dollars worth of car washing right after since I went though a few smaller holes, it was quite capable. Drove home after thanksgiving and its been in my barn in storage ever since(battery tenders and fuel additive for storage) I got it out the other day and it fired right up. Bought a cheap jeep ZJ since my commute to work is only 5 miles. Dont want to sell but it would make getting a house easier for me, not something I planned on for a few more years when i bought this truck.

Bad depending on how picky you are:

-Rear doors are still not functional but I will be fixing now that its starting to warm up, and will be fixed for new owner just needs a lower latch since it has new cables but both are stuck currently.

-Not too much rust, pretty clean for a michigan owned truck all of its life, has holes in front fenders which most of these do, and planned on new fenders which are about 150 a piece. Also some rust starting on the lower part under the doors, again had plans of fixing in spring but very fixable since its early and doors are still rust free, same as when I bought it and not didnt drive in salt this year until yesterday. Tailgate is the only thing with dents, bought it that way but not bad but I would find a clean one if you were painting truck.

- the 3.55 gears need to be changed at some point to 4.56 or 4.88 for towing, but gets between 18-20 mpg the way it is now, just dont use OD for around town only when I get out of town on a good roll, at 55-60 it rolls over 1200rpms in OD. Only time the gearing has been an issue is towing at 70mph its between gears and eather too high or too low so I just towed at 60 and left it in Drive. Both axles are nice and tight, driveshafts I installed new u joints and balljoints were done recent. I put 2 brand new timken front wheel bearings on in Nov at over $350.00 a side for parts only.

- Needs a new transmission but is orginal. Torque converter shudders and as far as I can tell was doing it before I bought it since the trans had shavings when i dropped the pan to inspect after getting it home. Since I got it and still currently will drive and shift ok as long as your just driving not towing with it or applying alot of torque to it(large hills) and doesnt do it at all when the trans is cold which is why I never noticed this when I bought it but I did start to notice it a tad on the way home when I got into the hills on I-75 in west branch. I have someone local that I had a transstar replacement lined up with a 3yr/100,000 mile warranty with all the updates and whatnot, that I can pass along the deal to if intrested, but bottom line this will hold out for a while driving it daily with no load, but needs attention soon. Also just like alot of them, the trans pan is warped and is leaking a tad, threw some gasket maker on it but its dripping again but with a new trans it shouldnt be an issue anymore im told.

- Transfer case needs clocking ring installed to drop the front driveshaft down some since the lift. I have one that I bought, all im missing is the "seal adaptor" which needs to be measured once apart, I was holding onto this until I did the transmission. 4x4 works great but will cause vibrations at 40mph+ currently without the clocking ring but from everything I read that the clocking ring will eliminate this.

- Typical dodge steering, a little loose but all the steering(tierods, links) is nice and tight so I assume its the steering box thats also orginal. Has a steering dampener.

- AC still doesnt work and I did mess with it this summer. Previous owner put a new compressor on and from labels ive read on truck they were hunting down a leak at some point before I got it. I tried to charge the system like the seller suggested and no luck. Had it looked at and its believed to be the evaporator core behind the dash. Not an expensive part but a common one in these trucks. Since the compressor is new, to rebuild the rest of the AC system is cheap to do, its the labor to take apart dash, but my plans was to replace the rest of the system with new and throw in a heater core while dash was up and be done with it. AC isnt a deal breaker for me so I was just waiting till I had extra time/money this summer.

Even though this truck needs a few things, its a great runner and would make a great truck for many years once transmission is replaced, no doubt in my mind. I had plans of making it my tow rig/recovery truck for my jeep and other toys but plans changed since I finally found a house im intrested in. Located in Gaylord, MI and forsale locally.

$10,000 obo NO TRADES.
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