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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Can we have good morals without religion? Quite possible. However, I see a decline in both religion and morals in our society. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Do people see moral decline as they get older because they have a different view of society?

Young folks generally aren't as concerned about morals. Generally you go from school, to partying and trying to get laid, to getting a "real" job, getting married, having kids, kids grow up and start the adult cycle, and your life slows down and you have time to reflect and pontificate.

I'm sure there are exceptions, but that seems to be how it goes. Some folks party harder, some have kids sooner, but as a society, this is the general path.

In the first stages of adulthood you are generally pretty selfish, and most don't have a realistic view of the world and are generally more liberal as you are more likely naive to how things work. Most people grow more conservative as they grow older as they figure out that the social program that was nice in their 20's that they paid no money into is now taking 35% of their income and aren't happy with paying for it. Then you start thinking about retirement and savings and become even tighter.

I hear a lot of people complain about the decline of religion and morals, and it seems to start around middle age. As the age gets older, the complaint becomes louder. And it seems that the complaint has always been the same.

I remember my Grandparents saying it when I was young, and my parents say it more now than I remember as a kid. I am starting to feel that way, too; more than 5 years ago, but not as strongly as my parents.

So has this always been this way? And will it always be this way? Porn isn't new. Gay communities aren't new. Prostiution isn't new. The Bible says to not covet thy neighbors wife, so I'm guessing they didn't make up the rule just in case someone in the future thought up to sleep with another guy's wife. Maybe as a society it is easier access to this stuff, but it's always been around.

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