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Originally Posted by Steve-in-Petoskey View Post
anything in the business is subject to a search, thats in the handbook. Someone was looking for an item and had to move this bag in order to get to the back, now whether someone knew the vodka was there before hand and made an excuse to go back there and move his bag, IDK, but anything in the business is subject to a search if need be.

THis guy has a problem and is a liability to himself, the business and the coworkers. But i have stepped back and let the chips fall where they may, i said my peace to them that they were making a mistake and it will come to bite them in the ass later, when he falls and sues because they knew he was drinking and didnt stop him, or a minor finds his stuff and gets killed in a car wreck or any # of possibilities.
what industry? does the drunk operate machinery or equipment?
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America! Fuck yeah!
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