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Originally Posted by Steve-in-Petoskey View Post
still believe in God just in case
What does this mean, "still believe in God just in case." It seems as you've taken Pascal's wager and just decided to believe in god...just in case. The "just in case" is what troubles me about your response. How do you believe in something, "just in case".

To me, you're presented with something, an argument, a statement, whatever, and you examine evidence, external, internal (anecdotal experience) and you then make a determination on whether you believe it's true/correct/whatever.

How do you believe something, just in case? Do you actually believe it or are you trying to feign belief to satisfy others around you or some higher power that supposedly should be able to see through your feigning?

It seems like maybe, you hope that God or a god exists that grants everlasting life, which, sure, I feel the same way. If I could go on living forever with my wife, family, and friends, sure that would kick ass, but, do I actively believe that is true based on the evidence presented to me? No.

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