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Originally Posted by SS View Post
I honestly believe there is something after death and that something created all of this. I can't tell you what it is and no one else can tell me either. One thing every culture on this Earth has is a "creation myth" and that spans all of human history.

I was raised Catholic just because my Mom wanted us to grow up believing in something. My Dad went to church with us maybe six times. I was baptized (twice... once as a baby and again at 17 as a "born again"), communion, confirmed, all of it. No matter how hard I tried there was always a nagging feeling that no matter what it was just wrong.

The Bible is a book written by man and most of the men that compiled it were political figures. The Vatican even acknowledges that there are tons of texts that were either cut out or simply not included in the Bible and they refuse to let anyone read them. That's a major red flag.

All forms of organized religion are, to me, the ultimate form of the arrogance of man. There is nothing out there but "faith" to prove one religion is more correct than another. All of their "truth" revolves around texts that were written and edited by men. Ever play the telephone game in school as a kid?

What I do see is the mark of an extremely advanced engineer all around us. From our bodies to the planet to the solar system and beyond. Absolutely amazing level of engineering. I believe that there IS something after we die. I can't tell you what it is. I haven't been there. All I know is that most accounts of people who are clinically dead and are revived are remarkably the same. The most credible accounts don't speak much of seeing Jesus or going to Hell. They speak of being welcomed by people they knew and loved in this life but have passed on before them and the presence of a supreme being. That supreme being also doesn't match all of the descriptions of the God in all of the texts of modern religions.

So to sum it up... I believe something created all of this. I believe its still around but does not involve itself in our day to day lives. It does not listen to our prayers or anything of the sort. I believe it created everything and doesn't meddle in our affairs. It's pretty much just a master engineer.

I also believe that every single organized religion on this planet has been butchered, polluted and perverted to such an extreme level to be pointless. Maybe at one time there was truth to it but that truth was long ago lost in man's endless quest for more power and control over others. To say that your belief is more correct than someone else's when you're basing it on the same amount of evidence is absolutely ridiculous and offensive. If Jesus came down today and said "The Christians are right" than fine. Same goes for the rest of the religions.

When it comes down to it... We really don't know SHIT about ANYTHING when it comes to the universe, how it all works and how it all got here. To say we do is at best arrogant and at worst insane.
I like what you said. I can understand those thoughts.
.........and.......finally.........I can use this one YOU!!
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