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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Yeah there are all sorts of alternatives, remember abe, just because you think your way is the only way doesn't mean there aren't other ways, quit being such a stereotypical christian douchebag
I'm sorry that you think I am a DB because I would like to see a life that God has planned for you.
There are other ways and just because they might make you feel good and right at the time does not mean they are.
Think of your kids for a minute, they want to do things that you know are not good for them and could get them in trouble or hurt. They say to you that it feels right and you should let them do what they want.
God has a plan for all of us and it is not about us, it is all about Christ and what He did for us.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
To be fair, the atheist who started the thread never brought anything up about how it was only christianity or the alternative. He actually mentioned that he never noticed other types of religions putting up "crosses" near where an accident/death occurred on the roads. He named a couple of the alternatives that Aber was unwilling to name as alternatives to his religion, the only religion he believes exists.

Sorry, only Abe became a douchebag in this particular thread.
I say it like I see it and all other religions are false. Other religions do exist, we see it all over the planet, many gods and many followers. These other gods do not heal people of their diseases, heal the broken hearted. God created an empty place on our souls that only can be filled by Him.

Originally Posted by Immortal View Post
In Abe's defense I don't think he is a db. I think he is passionate about whatever it is he believes and likely got offended by all the funny being made.
Maybe he forgot he is in the pub?

I don't get offended at least I try not to. And I didn't know it was in the pub. I just replied to the post.
We can't keep God in a box like the pub, He's God He can go anywhere He wants.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Here we go again......

Maybe we read the bible and didn't like it?
Maybe we read the bible and didn't believe it?
Maybe we read and chose another path that better fit us?
Maybe if you christians weren't so closed fucking minded you wouldn't all act like a bunch of fucksticks?
With an attitude like yours i can see that you are closed minded to anything you didn't understand and you say Christians are closed minded
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