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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
you just figured this out they are fun to fukc with though. it is funny watching them try to justify their belief in the imaginary man in the sky when they have no proof except for some book that has no real life facts that can be proven with scientific evidence.
I would say it's fun to watch all the non-believers justify what they 'believe', but it's really not. It's more sad.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Here we go again......

Maybe we read the bible and didn't like it?
Maybe we read the bible and didn't believe it?
Maybe we read and chose another path that better fit us?
Maybe if you christians weren't so closed fucking minded you wouldn't all act like a bunch of fucksticks?
Maybe We see it from a different world view where it's absolute truth.
Maybe, just maybe, you guys are the ones who are closed minded and fail to realize that.

I'm all for satire on my religion. One of my favorite movies is Dogma. I just take questions from the peanut gallery and try to answer them from my world view. One that is very different from most of yours, but not bad. It doesn't make me ignorant or on a different level then you, it's just different.

Here's a thought. Maybe the reason you see so many crosses on the side of the road is because the people putting up the crosses have a solid belief in the eternal and use that symbol to remind the selves to live thier lives when they still can.
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