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Who put the word civilian in there? What good is a drone without a camera????? Blatantly biased garbage being reported as truth and passed around the net.

What the spec actually says without the tinfoil hat slant: Shall (T) be capable of identifying a standing human being at night as likely armed or not (based on position of arms) at a slant range of one and a half times the specified Operating Altitude. Shall (T) have selectable video rates up to 30 frames/sec. Shall (T) provide National Television Standards Committee (NTSC)-formatted video transmission. Shall (T) be capable of recognizing a back pack or bundle carried by a human being at a slant range of two times the specified operational altitude. Shall (T) be capable of marking a target into a retrievable database.

worse than the shit cnn puts out. At least they have a shred of accountability. Any actual threat to rights or liberty would be lost in the sea of conspiracy garbage
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