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Originally Posted by liv2mx View Post
what cam duration and loab did you do brandon. i have a couple different suggestions on this.not sure what one i want. the ls6 cam is real mild and i have been told to bump it up a little more if im doing this. yellow springs or orange? did you do the l92 heads? you stay with the truck intake or did you do the car? i am leaning towards the car just because i can drop the engine gaurd more and give me a bunch more visibility in my buggy. they claimed a 10% loss in tourque with the car intake.
LQ4 bottom end, LS3(l92 with diff valves) cylinder heads/intake/injectors, Edelbrock 90mm Throttle Body(DBC), Patriot extreme springs, EPS 222/230 on 112, lift .600ish.

Don't put a cam designed for a cathedral port head(ls6) in an engine with square port heads(L92). You need to look into a torque cam designed to work with square port heads (L92/LS3). Without dyno number I won't comment on the torque numbers but 10% loss seems pretty high. I think either intake will be fine but the truck intake has longer runners IRRC. Better get the cam right, none of the rest of the parts will matter if you don't get that part correct.

Intake info to look at, basically says it doesn't matter L92 vs LS3.

You'll find people out there with much more knowledge than me on this, I only know what I've read and what I've scanned on my own.
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