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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I don't mind if they close school, what I mind is the overuse of closing school EVERY time we have had weather this winter.

I don't want my kid riding a bus on bad roads, but if I think the roads are bad enough I will go pick him up.

True story, happened yesterday. Contractor calls up, first day of work at Ford is Wednesday 2/27. Demands hotel room because it might snow and we should put him up in a hotel because he drives a car, it might snow, and he lives in howell......

WTF? That's what, in my opinion, is caused by the "fringe" or "pussy" snow days. Dude thinks he gets a free pass just because he lives far away and its gonna snow.

Well obviously my employer laughed and said we would not provide a hotel room.

He accepted the job, he knew what the commute would be like, and then the first time it snows he acts like a pussy needing a hotel room?

Roads are bad I get it, I actually don't completely disagree with todays closing, but after not having a full school week since before christmas it's a bit ridiculous. Our schools have been closed due to icy backroads, COLD, and snow.
When temps get cold they should close schools, exposure is very dangerous. Now throw in a child who doesn't have the ability to recognize symptoms of exposure, added with many families that cannot afford good cold weather gear, i.e., coats, hats, boots and gloves. Every year at work we do a coat drive for needy families, and we never have leftovers.

I can remember school closing twice for cold temps when I was younger. You cannot base arguments for or against closing schools by using an adult standard. Using history as a lesson, the criteria for closing schools have changed. And to me it hasn't gone so far to call it pussification and it is always better to side on caution than error when dealing with peoples children. However saying that, all the safety stops that have evolved over the years it is nothing short of a miracle that any of us survived our childhood.

As far as your contractor, tell him to get his big boy pants on. He is an adult, not a child...the rules are different.

Speaking of which shouldn’t you be working or did you take a snow day too?
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