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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
The dirt roads are bad, I get it. But they are not impassable, are you gonna stay home from work today? Did all your neighbors stay home from work today too? No, they got off their ass and drove down the dangerous roads and went to work, they could have just as easily dropped their kids off at school.

Who didn't go to work today? Those who have the ability to work from home, or those who are lazy fucks that milk the system anyway.....we just further bred more system milkers by canceling school at least once a week since christmas because we have a bunch of pussies running the school systems who want to use up all the snow days so they can sit at home on their asses.

My assumption the administrators are pussies is not false, it is not an assumption. It is an opinion, an opinion which is not stated as fact, so therefore it can not be false.
You understand the average commute time for a bus route is an hour to an hour and a half under normal driving conditions. So using your logic and driving slow, you can double and triple the bus time. Knowing that a bus needs more room to stop even under dry condition due to the weight of the vehicle, imagine what the stopping distance would be on VERY icy roads? Combine that with uneven grades and you have a very dangerous situation. You really want your kids riding around in a 4 ton shit missile without the ability to stop or navigate turns? You are a smart guy, but you are not using your head on this one buddy The buses will run in snow, just not ice
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