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Originally Posted by SS View Post
There's also the little fact that every single one of us would be just as pissed off as that kid if we were unarmed and confronted by two other men in your own home while they were ripping off all your shit and the cops took 45 minutes to mosey on over. Blatant abuse of power and use of excessive force against a citizen who was just victimized under the guise of "Marine Pride." Let's all applaud this cop's own total disregard for the rights of a citizen HE SERVES and make another thread later bitching about cops doing the same to someone else.
Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
While the kid is whiny douche, I am getting really tired of "hardass" cops like the one pictured. The level of physical force used is completely inappropriate and disproportional for the situation.

While the kid is aggravating, the cop needs to exercise some professional restraint. He - like far too many cops - need to remember that they're a public servant. This seems especially rampant on smaller forces, where there's less supervision and less to do.

And all of the "once a Marine always a Marine" BS is fun when you're kidding around, (unless he's in the Reserves) this cop is not a U.S. Marine - he's (allegedly) a former Marine.
Originally Posted by SS View Post
While I agree the kid acted like a total dumbfuck douche he didn't swing at the officers or give any inclination that's what he intended.

So what if he balled his fists? Doesn't mean he was going to attack the officers. He CALLED THEM for HELP because he was being assaulted and robbed and the cops took 45 minutes to respond.

The cop had absolutely ZERO reason to attack the kid other than he was annoyed.

If that's the kind of authority you want to give the police in your neighborhoods don't come bitching when they do the same to you for crossing the street in the wrong spot.
Originally Posted by Silver Bullet View Post
I think the kid was a little douchy but acting so because he was frustrated. If the cop had acted professionally he could have defused the situation verbally. Instead he had to proce his badassness as a marine and then start to cover his trail and care if he did do harm to the citizen after. I think the cop is a massive peice of.shit due to his actions.
Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Just another case of "look at my badge I have a small penis". The kid is just another "I am in the military to cover up my small penis". Both are worthless fucks. The cop should go back to playing LL cool J like the jungle bunny he is. The kid should get his ass kicked every time he plays the "U.S. solider" card.
Originally Posted by SS View Post
You're fucking right they better wait until he takes a swing. If I can't lay hands on someone who hasn't assaulted me than they sure as fukc can't either. The police department serves US. I can't speak for you but I sure as fukc am not a slave and they sure as hell aren't my master. This is still America and that cop was way the fukc out of line.

There is not a single human being in this country that is legally authorized to use force against another human being because of harsh language.
Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Remember this is the same country that many citizens think it is ok to torch a house with an ALLEGED murder inside. It's plain and simple the entire law enforcement needs grab by the nuts and put in their place. They are like an out of control puppy someone needs to smack the fuckers and say "sit down and stay there".
Originally Posted by SS View Post
You sit here and Monday Morning Quarterback the entire event the same as us. You know some detail we don't?

You're simply backing up the unlawful conduct of a police officer simply because he has a badge. You're pathetic.

Unlike you I believe in the Constitution and swore my life to uphold it. If that means going up against two cops who think they're the baddest mother fuckers on the block putting a beat down on a VICTIM of a crime than so be it. I will gladly jump in to protect that individual against a cop who has obviously forgotten his oath and the purpose of his job.

I also find it extremely entertaining that you're defending that cop for brutalizing a citizen because he was upset. You would've hired a lawyer and sued the fukc out of that department if you were the robbery/assault victim and were beaten down because you spoke harsh words towards the cops that responded 45 minutes later.

Like I said... Absolutely appalling that people support this kind of conduct from our law enforcement.
Not to get into a huge debate but if you approach a cop in an aggressive manner, which the kid did proven by the video the cop can stirke first. He doesn't have to wait to get hit all he has to do is believe that he is going to be hit and he is allowed to respond with force one step higher than he is confronted with. 100% legal and support by case law all the way to the supreme court. It's his attitude after the fact that needs alittle work, but even then its not out of line. And I could really careless if that weiner called them for help, many officers have been murdered by the assholes that have called them for help. And that cop didn't beat him down, he delievered one open hand stun and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. The kid was not bloody, and he was not bruised except for his ego. If all I had to go by was the video I was say the cops were justified in their actions.

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