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Originally Posted by SS View Post
You sit here and Monday Morning Quarterback the entire event the same as us. You know some detail we don't?

You're simply backing up the unlawful conduct of a police officer simply because he has a badge. You're pathetic.

Unlike you I believe in the Constitution and swore my life to uphold it. If that means going up against two cops who think they're the baddest mother fuckers on the block putting a beat down on a VICTIM of a crime than so be it. I will gladly jump in to protect that individual against a cop who has obviously forgotten his oath and the purpose of his job.

I also find it extremely entertaining that you're defending that cop for brutalizing a citizen because he was upset. You would've hired a lawyer and sued the fukc out of that department if you were the robbery/assault victim and were beaten down because you spoke harsh words towards the cops that responded 45 minutes later.

Like I said... Absolutely appalling that people support this kind of conduct from our law enforcement.
I think you're walking a fine line here though. This is a two way street IMO. We all know there are officers that abuse their power, but many do not. We also have seen an uprise of disrespecting people like the guy in this video. Even if a cop is justified in self defense, they get sued, lose authority, respect, and on and on. People know they can get away with most anything with no consequences, so they don't have any problems disrespecting any person at any time.
In a situation like this, do you KNOW what you'd do? No, nobody knows what they will do in any given situation, until they are in that exact scenario. Would you difuse the problem before it happened, or would you wait for the other person to make the first move? Or possibly step back and pull out a gun.
So where do you draw the line?
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