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Originally Posted by smasheromalley View Post
Because all cops should be karate masters and block that shit, just like you can, right?

And ill repeat, necessary force; not equal force.

How this type of attitude against law went from that of lowlife shitbags to almost mainstream is really sick.
The fact that the attitude went mainstream speaks volume of the conduct of law enforcement over the last 20 years. It went from an honorable profession of protecting the law abiding citizens of a community to making damn sure that whoever they come across knows that they have no power against them.

There was no need for ANY force in that video.

To sum that video up:

Distraught and upset victim of a robbery/assault confronts the responding officers 45 MINUTES after he calls as to why it took so long for them to respond. Officer responds with violence to "calm" the VICTIM.

I sure as fukc am not a karate expert. You're really reaching out there to further your own argument. If I can't go on the offensive against an individual because of harsh language than a police officer sure as hell can't either.

That cop literally attacked a victim of a crime because he was upset.

If you seriously support that cop just because he has a badge you are the perfect example of a sheep in our society.

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