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Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Remember this is the same country that many citizens think it is ok to torch a house with an ALLEGED murder inside. It's plain and simple the entire law enforcement needs grab by the nuts and put in their place. They are like an out of control puppy someone needs to smack the fuckers and say "sit down and stay there".

There seems to be some confusion as of late about who holds the power in this country.

If I would've been a spectator to that event I would've VERY quickly come to that young man's aid.

Any cop that treats a victim of physical assault with further physical force when said victim hasn't laid a hand on them is no better than the pieces of shit who inspired the call for their assistance.

That cop is an absolute disgrace to the badge and that video only furthers the mistrust and hatred of law enforcement around the country.

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