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Originally Posted by SS View Post
While I agree the kid acted like a total dumbfuck douche he didn't swing at the officers or give any inclination that's what he intended.

I don't think you have any idea what the fukc you're talking about. They're suppose to wait until somebody takes a swing now? Stepping into the cops face, being verbally aggressive, that's not good enough? I guess you think you clearly saw that the kid didnt blade off or draw an arm back to shove or strike?
I'm sure cops want to show up and play roundy round slap face with some little faggot.
Monday morning quarterbacks, that's all people are these days. Go ahead, side with the media, they always get it right.

Btw it's serve and protect the public against little bad attitude strong cocks like this guy. The second video shows that he is obviously partly retarded. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the aggressor to begin with in the 'they held me down and beat me up' situation.

Btw 2 the law doesnt say cops have to meet aggression with equal force, it says they have to meet aggression with necessary force. The kid was walking the fine line, a hair away from turning physical. The cop made the next move, next thing you know, deescalation and complete cooperation. Wtf nobody even got hurt
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