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Originally Posted by wadey View Post

That is an AWESOME post! Thanks for typing all of that out. I completely gave up researching after finding the Dexter information coupled with rumors I've heard. But now I have found quite a bit of information that supports everything that you have said. BillaVista also has a nice wright up as well.

Thanks again, it has opened up quite a few options for me.
No problem man. I didn't really have anything to do, so glad I could be of some help. Normally I don't really give 2 shits enough to type out that much, but every now and then I go nuts.

I just really get disgusted sometimes. It seems like our hobby is getting more and more geared towards those with more $$ than brains. The guys that have been into wheeling before me, will say over and over that This hobby used to be a poor mans game. It doesn't seem like that any more. More and more it seems like certain parts of this hobby are purely geared only towards those who have $$. I like to bring reality back to the table and remind people that with a little elbow grease, you can get things done on the cheap, just as well, if not better than the guys with deep pockets.
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