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Originally Posted by 92FleXj View Post
I want Uverse bad... Not offered in my area yet.
I've herd nothing but good things
FWIW, I didn't care for it. The HD picture quality wasn't even close to what we had with Dish Network. They pump up the colors to make the picture more vibrant, but they compress the hell out of it. I also absolutely hated the DVR. If you've never had a Tivo or Dish Network DVR, that likely won't bother you.

It is doubtful they will ever have the PQ of cable or satellite. They shot themselves in the foot by running fiber to the neighborhoods and then running on copper to the homes. There isn't enough bandwidth to fit TV, phone and the fat internet pipes people want. Even though they've run fiber straight in at some homes (so I've heard), they're stuck with pushing the same product (same feeds) to everybody.

We primarily watch on a 50" TV and I'm picky as hell. Most people are OK with it... Happy even. All I know is... the first time I watched a NASCAR race on U-Verse, I was almost angry.

It didn't help that the AT&T tech stole one of my diplexers from the Dish system. He denied it of course, but who the hell took it if it wasn't him.

We still have U-Verse for phone and internet though! Love U-verse for that. The TV service is fine, if you know what you're getting. You're getting features, not picture quality. Everybody was telling us how wonderful it was, but as it turns out, none of them had ever had Dish Network, DirecTV or a Tivo.

I'm not a fan of Comcast either...
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