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Just some food for thought....

I like you, for a long time had been looking for a good used trailer on the cheap, but like you, I wanted certain things that are VERY hard to find in a trailer:

-10k or better axles
-electric brakes on both axles
-easily serviceable bearings/brakes
-drive over fenders
-8' or wider deck, with deck "outriggers" in front of and behind the fenders, extending the deck to full width, without going deckover

something like these....

Well I looked and looked and looked...and after a year.....I'd found NOTHING in my price range. Finally, last September I found this bad boy for $300.00

It wasn't much when I got it, and it's still in the process of me repairing it and fixing it up, but it's getting there. For the price I paid, I didn't do too shabby. I'm gonna keep the older mobile home style donut rim style hubs, rims and tires. My father and I have had 3 trailers in the past with these and have never had a problem as long as the tire is clamped even and tight.

Here is my list of what I want to do to it to get it ready to haul:

-extend the frame out to a full 8' like the pics I showed you above with drive over fenders
-If I can find lumber at a decent price, I might go ahead and put a new 2x6 treated tongue and groove deck on it.
-new wiring/tail lights and marker lights
-new seals and bearings
-update the brakes so they are actually serviceable unlike the welded on backing plates I have
-new jack for the front
-dual spare tires

-build stake pockets and 3' tall side racks for hauling dirt/firewood
-possibly new paint
-mount toolbox to front of tongue
-winch on front

The reason I am sharing all of this is because it might be something you might want to consider. You can find older SOLID frames and rollers that need work that have these axles for CHEAP. You might have to dump $500 or so into what you want, as I am, but you'll end up with EXACTALY what you want in the end.

Just my $$0.02
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