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Originally Posted by Paperman View Post
I hate playing the games but one bust at times but as you said we can make it more difficult. We had a personal friend that owned a decent size metal working shop 60-80 employees. Not skilled labor, basicly uneducated folks making a living punching and welding steel. One person was let go and they called MIOSHA with a complaint. In real life you will never be 100% legal and safe and in the low end of the market Im sure its more so but I have been there many times and would say there were no gross dangers. Anyhow when the inspectors came the owner got on the PA and annouced a paid day off. All the workers left, then the main braker for the plant was opened. It gets dark quick with out lights. The inspectors were left for their inspection with no lights or power. Shit thing to do but funny!!!

I ask all this as I hold all the permits and licenses to manufacture explosives and fireworks from the ATF and locals. Been doing it for years. Donít need some hilljack walking up taking measurements with a Marlboro hanging out of his mouth looking at my drying racks of product. Would be a bad day for many.

anytime you have the possibility of a civil or criminal court case involved then games are had by definition.

attorney and court fees add up exponentially - and the courts always tack on huge penalty/administration and interest fees as well.

so... there's a huge financial incentive to have parties on both sides play games.

e.g. I know of paving and asphalt/excavating companies that move all of their equipment to a vacant piece of land in the most remote part of BFE that has low property tax millages to establish situs for 12/31 of each year so their personal property tax bill is lower than where they are headquartered, or do most of their work. they're the #1 taxpayer in that community even though they're only there for 1 day but it saves them quite a bit of property tax expense vs. if they had been on a job site in Detroit on tax day...

and having been employed by local/regional government on and off for most of my career - I can tell you that proper signage indicating a safety hazard is quite enough to deter most governmental employees from simply poking/prodding where they don't belong

I was part of a crew that went through the old pfizer labs in Rochester hills where they made penicillian. I'm alergic to penicillian. the waivers I had to sign, and hazmat suit I was supposed to wear were enough for me to decline that part of the process, and I relied upon photographs from team members and worked on crunching the numbers for that assignment rather than physically viewing the site
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