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I've got it figured out how I can raise my track bar on the axle end and lower it on the frame end. I will have to rebuild both, and will be going with the same design, but I will be able to get the angles exact of the drag link. The track bar will also almost be directly behind the drag link.

I have two questions...

Does the track bar need to be 100% parallel with the axle and perpindicular to the frame? I caught it right now that I am 1/2" at quick glance, off from end to end, being that it needs to be changed anyhow moving it back square will give me more room against the cradle, but how critical is it that it is dead nuts square? I got thinking as well that you will only be able to keep it square at level ride height as well because as the suspension travels the axle moves slightly with the control arms.

I am 6" different c-c of joints from drag link to track bar. If my angles are almost dead nuts is that too much or is it liveable? track bar is 34" C-C and drag link is 40" c-c, I could make it dead nuts by making a y-link suspension, but then I will have to raise the track bar even higher on the frame end and at some point it will start limiting up travel on the passenger side.
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