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Originally Posted by Why YJ? View Post
True, but a truck market is totally different than the SUV market. I am looking more for the every day use of this truck. It would ride better, get better MPG, better resale, last longer, and still have a lot of pulling power. I don't own some crazy huge trailer, camper, or 5th wheel. I pull a trailer with a Jeep maybe 10 times a year. Like I said I can't justify a 3/4 ton truck. Now if I could get into a 1/2 ton diesel crew cab under $40,000 then it makes more sense.
Why in the world do people say and or think this? It simply isn't true.

You pay how much more for a diesel truck now? How much more do you really think they are worth at re-sale? I could provide a million examples for you, but that's just a waste of time. A used diesel truck cost more than a used gas truck, but the RESALE is not better, you still lost approximately the same percentage of value when you compare it to new.

How does a diesel last longer? You still have the same ball joints, axles, u joiints, rusted out michigan salted body, rusted out fuel lines, bad transmissions, etc. They don't last any longer, unless you want to keep the engine forever and nickle and dime yourself on chassis parts, even then rebuilding/swapping a gas engine into the same worn out chassis would still be cheaper than the 6-8k premium you paid years ago to have the diesel engine.

Todays simple small block gas motors will last forever. I'd take my 2001 silverado with a 5.3 and 185,000 miles on it ANY DAY over my 2000 F350 that I traded in with 215,000 miles on it.

I don't own either truck anymore, but the diesel had a lot more issues than the gas truck did (oil leaks, fuel leaks, turbo was nearing replacement time, not to mention all of the electrical issues)

If you only tow 10 times a year you could survive with an old school 4.3 liter chevy v6.

The cost savings of a standard gas half ton to a diesel half ton for 10 towing trips a year doesn't even compute.

If you tow daily, plow daily, and work your truck daily a diesel makes sense. If you don't, they're stupid.

Even if owning one and having that feeling of freight train torque is cool as fukc .

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