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Originally Posted by Why YJ? View Post
True, but a truck market is totally different than the SUV market. I am looking more for the every day use of this truck. It would ride better, get better MPG, better resale, last longer, and still have a lot of pulling power. I don't own some crazy huge trailer, camper, or 5th wheel. I pull a trailer with a Jeep maybe 10 times a year. Like I said I can't justify a 3/4 ton truck. Now if I could get into a 1/2 ton diesel crew cab under $40,000 then it makes more sense.
Nothing you said there makes sense TO ME for owning a diesel.

The ONLY reason we own a diesel truck is because we have a truck bed camper in addition to the Jeep. I have dreams of being able to take both with us. I suppose the other reason is it's Kerry's truck and well...yeah...pick your battles.

The whole getting better MPG thing really doesn't set well with me when it comes to the diesel market. MPG with a diesel is marginal, negligible, and even negative when you factor in higher priced fuel, higher priced maintenance, $6-8k price adder.

So yeah it feels better at the pump but your ass stings every time you cut that monthly check, do an oil change, fuel filter change, or air filter change.

However even the savings right a the pump is pretty sketchy too because, and a lot of people that down own diesels don't realize this, diesel is typically at least 50 cents more per gallon. Recently I've seen it as high as $.75-$1.00 more than gas. So that means your 20 mpg pick up needs to get at a bare minimum 23 mpg to just break even on fuel alone.
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