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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
This thread just happened with the cruze.

I think there were a LOT of people who would have jumped all over this idea.........
  • When diesel was cheaper than unleaded
  • when diesels were able to get better mileage with out being emissions choked
  • if the diesel was offered at a reasonable upgrade price
  • when oil wasn't priced through the moon so the oil changes didn't kill you
  • when diesels were fairly simple and reasonable to repair
  • when gas engines couldn't make reasonable torque/hp for towing
  • before the eco boost
  • when 1/2 tons got worse mileage than 3/4 diesels

A diesel 1/2 ton with todays emissions bullshit, in my eyes, just isn't going to make enough power and get enough mpg's to make people all giddy to pay the extra cost. Add in the fact that power isn't your limiting factor in towing with a half ton truck and there you have least those are my thoughts.
You are a pretty smart guy.

The hay day for diesels has come and gone in this country.

There is just no justification for a $6-8k price adder, to spend 25% more on fuel, 200% more on maintenance costs, just to get a few MPG more for the grand majority of consumers. Even with the new gas motors there isn't a ton of reason to have a diesel unless you are towing big boy stuff a lot of miles.
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