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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Those who use their truck to haul will just get the hemi or a 3/4 ton. Those who use their truck to have a truck can get 25 mpg according to the commercials with the V6 offering.

I just can't see it being a big enough advantage anywhere to justify the cost and complexity you are adding to your truck.
I agree with you. BTW, the 25 MPG with the V6 is for a 4x2 only.

Look at the market though. Morons buy "green" car models, hybrids, etc. to save money on gas but taking a macro view they aren't saving money at all. A lot of people will say, "a half ton diesel? Badass! I'm going to buy one!" and not really care about the details.

If there is anything that holds true in this world when it comes to people buying things (especially cars), wants always seem to outweigh the needs/cost when it comes to the general population.

Hell, I don't buy new cars because I'd rather buy 1-2 year old used ones and save the money. I often wonder who are all these people buying and affording all of these milions of new models every year, especially if you compare that to the average household income. Frightening....and I'm really starting to get off topic here. Time to ease off the coffee....
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