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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
This thread just happened with the cruze.

I think there were a LOT of people who would have jumped all over this idea.........
  • When diesel was cheaper than unleaded
  • when diesels were able to get better mileage with out being emissions choked
  • if the diesel was offered at a reasonable upgrade price
  • when oil wasn't priced through the moon so the oil changes didn't kill you
  • when diesels were fairly simple and reasonable to repair
  • when gas engines couldn't make reasonable torque/hp for towing
  • before the eco boost
  • when 1/2 tons got worse mileage than 3/4 diesels

A diesel 1/2 ton with todays emissions bullshit, in my eyes, just isn't going to make enough power and get enough mpg's to make people all giddy to pay the extra cost. Add in the fact that power isn't your limiting factor in towing with a half ton truck and there you have least those are my thoughts.
This window of opportunity for the 1/2 ton diesel was in my opinion from around 1998ish-2008 when the diesel truck craze was in full force, the 12 valve cummins and 24 valves were proving to make huge horsepower and really good mileage, GM announced the duramax which was a huge improvement over the 6.5, ford had the 7.3 dialed and introduced the super duty, and everyone was thinking man, a little brother to these motors in a half ton and we could see 30 mpg, still haul a solid half ton truck sized load, and puff black smoke all over.......

I'd be curious to see what diesel sales look like in the 3/4 and 1 ton truck market now that DPF and urea and all that other stuff is standard complicating and choking out engines. Maybe its not as bad as we think since the aftermarket still can do DPF deletes and the like.....but at the cost of your warranty on a 6-8k upgraded motor.....
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