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Such Majestic. Wow.
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Originally Posted by 6spdWillys View Post
This one will be for the wife. Devoid of too many doo-dads so to keep it as light as possible. As basic as I can get it while still being ultra-reliable and accurate. Of course it will also have pink anodized trim too. (hey, if it makes her wanna shoot it more.....)

Need that barrel though. The donor gun I found has been shot out. The chamber is junk. It'll shoot, but every case splits at the base and it won't properly cycle steel case ammo. That's that reliability that I want for hers. The way it should be to begin with. ;)

My first SKS cycles anything you feed it without question.

And what is your bolt gun based on? Caliber? Inquiring minds want to know, if you wanna share.:D
Made a whole thread dedicated to it in The Great Outdoors subforum

Savage 12LRP 6.5CM in a XLR Tactical Evolution chassis

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