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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
since I have followed this for some time it may help if you know a few things. the state of michigan looks at ORVs as a plauge. they are so unwanted they have been legislated into obsurity. if you didn't know Hovercraft are ORvs in this state thats why you can't operate them legal here except on open water. secondly ORvs can't be made road legal with out a roof, wipers, seatbelts, and a live diff. Live axles exist on 90% of current production ATV & RUVs and the manufacturers are putting more in, but its not cost effective for them. so with that said we need guys like Joel Sheltrown to make laws that side line the legal aspects of ORV law that prevent operation on road shoulders.
heres the kicker, Arizona makes it legal for ANY ORV that you want to put on the street. you need to add a mirror...thats it and pay $135 for a yearly licence instead of $15 for a 3 year sticker. then you get to ride anywhere in the state except federal highways like 95. so is it worth it? hell yes, and they can't keep up with demand. the state is making money hand over fist and the majority of users are trans plants from back east..go figure.

I don't understand this mentality in a recreation state. I seriously want to get more involved the more I think about what that guy was saying, it has been bugging me ever since I sat through that meeting. My problem is I HATE politics and get very frustrated by the ignorance the DNR has shown/does show in regards to the kinda of money they could make for themselves, the state, and the tourism industry if they would open their ears and eyes for once.

I had to try my hardest not to stand up and laugh at the man and what he was saying.
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