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Originally Posted by Gunsworth View Post
Enlighten me, from everything I read, his biggest issue is dog shit in his barn. If the door was closed, there would be no dog shit. This is a stupid thread to begin with and you are a fag for instigating an internet argument. I forgive your attempt to belittle me, and am truly sorry that you are such a miserable person. Have a blessed day!
I know you get butthurt easily when people don't talk to you with unicorn farts and fairy dust, but I have to ask. Why the fukc should he close his door on his property to keep the neighbor's dog out of his barn regardless of his reasoning for wanting or not wanting to close his door on his barn on his property where he lives?

Unfortunately it's the dog owner who deserves the kick in the nuts, not the dog itself. However, I understand the alterego's frustration with said dog and desire to shoot the damn thing.

Get an air soft rifle or super weak bb gun that won't penetrate the dogs skin, that should give him the hint.
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