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The jeep is officially parked as things will be changing over the next few months. After 5 years of good wheeling, all of my links have worn out. Prior to our trip to KOH I replaced all but the rear uppers with new 1-3/4 x 3/8 DOM & new 1-1/4 shank Johnny joints. I didn't replace the uppers because I currently can't get one of the frame end bolts out. This is because when I did the suspension, I had the NP231 case in it and now with the Atlas, the bolt won't clear. I didn't figure this was a huge problem but as it turns out, it was. Coming down Outer Limits in the dark I had a big clang and the jeep shifted sideways. Turns out one of the welds at the rear of the upper gave out.

My body is totally trashed both from some hard use and rust. All of the body mounts have rusted out and the tub is being held in place by the 6 points of the roll cage. I can no longer use my hard doors because the tub is so tweaked that they won't close. So, the body swap needs to happen. While the body is off, I'll modify the upper link mount to be able to get the bolt out without dropping the t-case. I will also do some maintenance on the frame and fix the fubarred body mounts. I've been running fiberglass front fenders and one of them is cracked in half. So, a new set of tube fenders will be installed. My rocker guards were originally built to blend with my fender flares which were removed years ago. So, the front of the rocker guards have always been a little goofy. With the abuse, they are no longer straight. So, they are getting pitched. I am still undecided if I will boatside it or do a new set of rocker guards. I am leaning towards rocker guards again because the wife already has a tough time getting in and out.

I'm ready to back off from some of the hardcore wheeling. I've had the good fortune to wheel some of the toughest stuff in North America and am ready to stop beating the jeep so hard. We no longer enjoy driving the jeep around town or using it to buzz up to DQ in the evening. This is something we miss. The rear spool is a pain on the pavement and has contributed to 2 twisted rear driveshafts. So, I'm going to install an ARB in the rear. The 2 piece front driveshaft works great but spins all the time with the drive flanges so I 'm going with the new Yukon lockouts and will use the drive flanges during any hardcore trips. I am undecided if I will keep the Krawler stickies or not.

I've been wanting to replace the high back Bestop seats for some time with suspension seats. I don't want race buckets because of the tight confinement and I also want flip back/recliner seats for ease of access behind the seats. While at KOH, I did some shopping for seats. Both PRP and Mastercraft were there so I had the opportunity to sit in both with a 30 second walk back and forth. I decided on a set of recliner suspension seats from PRP. I scored the set of 2 for $700 cash if I took them with me.

Before I get started, I have a couple weeks of things to do around the house and then strip the donor jeep apart and part it out. So, the jeep will be sitting for a month or 2 and then the work will start.

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