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First let me say if you believe JJ is a representative for your view points, god bless you because in my opinion he is a rambling moron. It apears by his speach that he has had a stroke or some medical condition as well.

Next, I had a long involved conversation with a woman from the suburbs of Detroit, who is a business owner very successful, inteligent college educated person. During the conversation she used the "No one uses a assalt rifle to hunt with and theirfore you do not need one" talking point. I explained to her that I have a modern sporting fire arm out fitted for varmint and coyote hunting. She said well you are just sick that you think you need to blow up animals like that. I asked her to explain what she was saying. She explained that no one needs a weapon that is that powerfull. I explained to her that the .223 or 7.62 x 39 rifle cartridges are some of the least powerfull centefire rifle cartridges available, and that most hunting rifles (.243, .270, .308, 30-06 7mm) are substantially more powerfull than the "assalt rifle calibers" and that none of these calliber rifles shoot an explosive round that "blows things up"

She does not believe me.
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