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Originally Posted by MusKegon_ZJ_gurl View Post
Fees from trail permits and registrations only brought in just over 21M for the 2012/2013 season. The rest of the funding is brought to you by other user groups and tax payers, like me.
I pay all the fees you do PLUS the $45 PER SLED

I would like snowmobile funds to go to snowmobile trails and projects only.
It takes a lot more money to fund trails that are to be used by more then snowmobiles.
Snowmobile trails can use farm lands that can not be used during other seasons. Farmers dont really want people on their land. They may allow snowmobiles in the winter, good luck going through their bean feild in the other months.
Snowmobiles dont need pavement. Snowmobile trails dont require much maintence after the trail is opened in the fall. Multi use trails require constent maintence and the funding to pay for it.
I feel the snowmobiler has more then paid his share and shouldnt have to acomodate bikers and rollerbladers with pavement.

Im all for bike paths, but not when it takes away from what the msa has built over decades.
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