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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Only if you buy into the all or nothing, black and white, for us or against us belief (as many here do) that if he even thinks about maybe even slightly increasing the restriction on guns that it means government thugs will soon come pounding on you door demanding your guns.

If take him at his word, (I know most of you don't) it shows that he is telling the truth that he is not completely anti gun.
I don't buy the jackbooted thugs theory, my issue is more along the lines of he is attempting to do an end run around the Constitution.

Really, who gives half a shit if he skeet shoots or not? Elected officials are supposed to be guided by the opinions of the public. If the public is evenly divided on an issue, then I would expect him to go along with his conscience.

Instead, what we get is Obama trying to convince both sides of the aisle that he is in their corner.

Besides- if you look at the gun laws he backed in his home state, it's fairly obvious that gun ownership isn't a major part of his life.
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