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the previous 2 posts are excellent advice...along with those that say "it's normal."

I have personally owned 3 4.0's and help maintain another 4 or 5....all living in this region. 5w-30 has given me the quietest results over all my experiences. My TJ just turned 55k...knock on wood it only had lifter tick once this cold season. I switched to Mobil 1 about 1,500 miles and over the last few years really decided to do some dry reading and now look for a ACEA A-3 oil, that typically happens to be the high mileage stuff....

but don't go going to a syn oil if you have always run dino oil. Run a good filter, use some 5w-30 and let her warm up in the cold...but she will still talk to ya from time to time... as long as the 4.0 is not screaming all the time it's fine.
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