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Originally Posted by dmcjeep View Post

At least it was cold enough that you did not break into a sweat. I probably about gave it away for free anyway.
Now days I pretty much expect that the buyer will bring someone along to help load axles even if I am there. I am getting older and they are getting heavier.

PS I also hate trying to type on my net book. I think that my fingers might be a little to fat for this.
Cold enough? Holy fukc , I think the temperature was -15 before windchill, I had just spent the previous night hanging out with my college buddies who live in chicago on my way home from Iowa, I was COMPLETLEY unprepared to spend 15 minutes digging an axle out from under the fresh snow and load it into a pick up truck. I know I didn't have gloves, I think I was in running shoes, jeans and a t-shirt

I don't recall what I paid, $100 comes to mind, it was a good deal as far as I was concerned.

But my hands are still cold, I want my money back.
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