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Default Dearborn Rant

Since when did Dearborn become Detroit.. Wife and I are having dinner tonight at Bdubs on mi. ave. i see this hoochie prostitute lookin "insert racial slur here" bitch come walkin in with her fellow hoes. (hooker boots up to her knee skirt right at her nasty ass skin tight obnoxious stripped shirt jean half jacket thing) I got a bad feeling (like when an Asian is driving by you) anyhow about 15 min later i hear a glass break (no biggy waitresses drop dishes all the time) i look to see what it was and "insert racial slur here" bitch and her posse are storming out the door.. shortly after that i see a guest holding a towel on his daughter's face.. staff rushing over to help one on the phone.. shortly after EMT and police arrive.

Waitress comes over apologizing saying she is soo sorry and this is very embarrassing. I ask what happened and she explains..
Head "insert racial slur here" bitch didn't like her martini so she complained manager says very sorry we'll take it off the bill would you like something else.. H.N. throws a fit and chucks the drink at the manager and hits the guest.. then storms out without a word. staff rushes out to inform the parking lot attendant to stop them.

Now i don't know what happened to "insert racial slur here" bitch and her crew but I find it ridiculous that ANYONE would behave this way !!! I can only hope Dearborns finest threw her ass in lock up for assault..
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