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Before everyone goes to jumping to conclusions that I left facts out based on “Sandmasters” post I will layout all the facts and PM’s that were exchanged between he and I. I posted on 1/30/13 @ 7:36am, 1/30/13 @ 8:30pm, 2/3/13@3:52pm, and 2/6/13@10:22am trying to keep the tread up to date with that Sandmaster had been in contact even though it had been slow response time.

Once I took the axle apart on Fri 1/25/13 I sent him the following PM’s

1/25/13 @ 10:44pm

“We pulled the axle apart tonight and I am wondering a few things in your post it says that it was built and never ran. We ran into stripped lockout bolts, internally when we pulled the cover the gear oil was milky like it had water in it. Once we got the locker out all 4 pins are sheared off in the locker and have been rolling around in there oblonging the holes. The shafts look just like stock. When you take a wire wheel to the the are stamped slicer just like the other stock set I have here? Not sure what to think here I feel like I bought a $500 axle that is for the most part stock. With 4.10 gears.”

1/28/13 @ 6:06am

“Randy I see you have been online twice since my last email that I sent on Friday night. And I have left you 2 messages. I am trying to give you a fair chance to respond to this issue. I am not looking to return the axle, but I don't feel $500 was fair for a axle that does not have warn chromly shafts, has broken lockout with stripped bolts, and a locker with sheered pins in it. This axles was sold to me as just assembled and never ran. Please respond so we can work this out. Thanks”

Then after giving him 3 days to respond to emails and phone calls I created this thread on 1/29/13 @7:17am, that night I get a response to my emails…

He responds this at 1/29/13 @ 11:38pm

“yes i was online a few times over the weekend but not to where i could really do anything. like i said when you picked up the axle i was getting ready to go on snowmobile trip to the up for 4 days. my cell got broke over the weekend and im just getting back and catching up on e mails messages ect...

the axles are the higher grade units they were bought at cascade 4 wheel drive here in grand rapids. as for the fluide being milky yes thats a possability as when i moved it a couple time during my move it did site on my trailer outside for a week or so and then moved back inside. not sure what you mean on the locker be wobbled out. and as for a lock out being damaged yes i guess thats possable as it was moved around for two yrs. i did say the locker was used as well as the gears. if all the parts in the axle are added up the cost adds up quickly. i dont want to get into a pissing match. thats not my way of doing business as anyone who know me will say. what are you thinking and we ll go from there”

I responded on 1/30/13@ 7:33am with this-

“This was your reply to my wanted AD- I have a complete Dana 30 wide track from a 86 cj was completely gone through a yr. ago for a project and then never installed 4.10 gearing, locker, all new bearings and seals, new lock outs, oversized chromoly heavy duty steering drag link and tie rod. new brakes and rotors. this is ready to bolt in and go . make reasonable offer

This was your reply to my PM about the details of the axle-

“the tie rods are rugged ridge 1 1/4 dom tubing with chromoly ends

the axle shafts are chromoly warn shafts

the ring n pinion are Richmond

bearings were all Timken

oem brakes and rotors

lockouts are superwinch

the locker is either a lock rite or aurbun I don’t remember which one ill pop the cover off tomorrow when I get home and let you know which one is in there”

You original reply to my ad said this was gone through 1 year ago and never run. Milky oil is not caused by condensation from sitting in a trailer/garage, and were not talking a little water the bottom 1/2 of the Diff was all ICE. This water caused the gears to rust which is not all that big of a deal but still rust/pitting on gears is not good. And back to the built 1 yr. ago and never run. Your reply to my ad says the bearings and seals were all new and the that the lockout were new but when we removed the passenger side lockout it was again a mix of grease/water/and rust. Drives side lockout had stripped out torx heads, the grease looked good on that side. The internal condition of the diff, and the hubs don't lead me to believe these to be new bearings and seals and just sitting around. You never said the locker was new which used is ok but again you said gone through 1 year ago and never run. the locker is 3 main pieces 2 side blocks and the main middle one, there are 4 pins and springs that hold them in alignment, all 4 pins are sheared off, how does that happen to a never run axle? Your reply to my PM says the shafts are Warn Chromoly shafts. Now you say they are HD shafts not chromoly. When I lay them side by side with stock all the markings are the same. The tie rod and drag link were as described.

Randy I don't want to be in a "Pissing Match" either but I what I bought is nowhere close to what you told me it was. “Your reply said just bolt in and go” I think I would have been pretty surprised at what this axle would have sounded like and damaged if I had done that. I just want this corrected.

I want half my money back ($250) my $500 offer was based on an axle with chromoly shafts, new bearings and seals, a good working locker, good condition 4.10 gears, HD tie rod and drag link, New Superwinch lockouts.

What I feel I got was a used wide track Dana 30, with stock shafts, used bearings and seals, damaged locker, used Superwinch lockouts, used/rusty 4.10 gears which should clean up ok, and a good set of tie rod and draglinks.”

Sandmaster than responded on 1/30/13 @ 10:10 PM

“just return the axle and ill refund your money”

I responded back on 1/31/13 @ 3:17am

“If that's what u want to do we can do that. We can set up a time and meet in Hastings. I am not opposed to keeping it and u just PayPal me $250 back but I will leave that up to you.”

And Again 1/31/13 @ 4:43am

“If you want to return the money I can meet you in Hastings (we can meet at McDonalds) tomorrow anytime between 4 and 8pm. Let me know and thanks for being willing to work this out.”

Sandmaster than responded on 1/30/13 @ 9:07 PM

“If you want to keep the axle i would paypal you 100.00 making the axle 400.00 or return it to me and i would refund the funds. the parts in the axle are worth that and more. i touched base with dave at cascade today and the axles are warn axles that are the there chromoly axles there the same size as stock axles just out of a stronger material. per him. i will be out of town friday and sat. but should be home sunday afternoon. not going to meet in hastings as i dont have the means to haul the axle and im not pulling my 28ft trailer for a axle. let me know”

I responded back on 1/31/13 @ 9:35pm

“$150 and you got a deal.”

I sent another message since he had not responded but said he would be back Sunday? 2/3/13 @3:47pm

“So what's the word Randy we going to wrap this up? $150 I will consider us good. My PayPal is **************”

(And I called and left messages both on his cell and home phone Monday around 5pm)

He responds back on 2/5/13 @ 11:45pm (what happened to being back Sunday?)

“sorry was in the up snowmobileing again this weekend 125.00 and were good i can pay pal you wed when i get home”

I agreed and got the $125 via paypal Wed Night around 10pm.

Sandmaster did offer to buy the axle back, but was not taking any responsibility in getting the axle back to him. I offered to meet him half way only fair right??? So I choose to make a decision based on money I already had time and money wrapped up into going to get the miss represented axle and now I was going to have to invest more time and money into taking it back to him. I know some people would have just taken the axle back and thrown it in his lap just to make a point. The original gripe was that the axle was miss represented and not what I was paying for. In the end I ended up with a Dana 30, with HD Tie Rod and Drag Link w/HD Ends, 4.10 gears that are rusty but should clean up, and a locker that I should be able to get replacement parts for. I did not get an axle with new hubs, chromoly shafts, and rebuilt with all new bearings and never run like sandmaster said it was. Randy and I came to a deal I am good with, others might have done something different but this is good with me. I am taking this as a learning experience.
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