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I have met Shawn, and have wheeled with him on a few occasions. Far more is being read into his post than what was there, I read it before deletion. I know few people that are as passionate as he is, he would not intentionally try to turn off people to GLFWDA.

I hope people can suck up egos, and realize the power in numbers. We are rapidly losing public land in this state and letting individual personalities, pride, or egos get in the way of trail stewardship is asinine, especially from a post that's original intention (from Paul) was very positive, as well as the meeting that was had with DMJC that seems to have been positive.

Whether anyone chooses to join or not is their decision, but with numbers comes power as the snowmobile clubs have proven. We already have an uphill battle as most media and government people just see us as a bunch of redneck's, we have to change that, and it only can be done with a unified, recognized, message.
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