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Originally Posted by Skooter_Built View Post
Sounds hot!
I bet it does.

I was away for five years yet I still checked in every once in a while to see how things were going in our community.

You know what I learned over the years?

You, in your desperate bid to impress and befriend ANYone you met, have lost the respect of every single person who has EVER met you.

Until you move out of your Dad's house and start figuring out your place in this world as a grown man instead of a teenager stuck in the house he grew up in, shut the fukc up.

You lost any shred of respectability and dignity long ago when you started downing pure liquor from Tiki Bob at Pig Gig 06 and when you tried to head butt BioBill's Silverado wearing a random hard hat at Bill and Stan's 40th Birthday Party.

I may have made a lot of posts recently that a lot of people disagree with and even hate me for but I will GLADLY buy them all a drink if they show up to a M&G near me and they'll learn that there's a hell of a lot more to me than my posts on an internet forum.

You on the other hand will be known for idiocy and stupidity at flesh and blood events.

It's time Skoots.... Grow the fukc up.

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